Better Practice Awards 2017 Digital Posters

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Restoration in Any Setting
Graham Harding and Leah Watkins
Lifestyle Resource Van
Jane Meldrum
Building Palliative Care Capacity
Christine Lancaster
5 Magic Minutes – a communication tool for staff and volunteers working with the elderly
Sharyn Cumming and Cherie Ho
Palliative Approach - Nurse Practitioner Model
Mrs Bernadette Burke & Mrs Sharyn Speakman
Community Connections: Improving Bhutanese Wellness
Dr Susan Aykut
Graduate Nurse Program
Janice Young
Residents delivering Meals on Wheels
Debby Eddy
Memory Wellness
Janelle Kelly
Clinical Governance
Janelle Kelly
Clients Expectations Driving Continuous Improvement
Stephen Thomas
Singing with our Community
Mr Joesph McCarthy
Community Café and Wellbeing Garden
Sarah Finlayson
Wellness/reablement in the home
Lynn Openshaw
Partnering with Consumers for Diversity
Jaklina Michael
Social Connectedness for Mental Wellbeing
Kellie Whelan
MyHUB an integrated workspace
Barry Johnson
Dialysis in aged care
Phillip Wohlers
Making Moments Matter
Nicole Brooke
Attitude matters most
Danuta Palysz