Attitude matters most

It's your attitude that matters most! In the current climate of aged care transitioning to a dynamic market place, conventional thinking nominates growth and mergers as guides toward long-term business viability. We are a small provider of care and support for Slavic communities, operating in just one location. This by itself is counter-intuitive to the accepted view of surviving let alone thriving. However, our experience is that small is viable, tailor-made responses achievable and reputation the greatest customer attraction and retention strategy. Central to achieving these business outcomes is our strategic leadership, co-designed service model, co-produced program delivery, useful and purposeful processes and systems, change management, promotion, ongoing engagement, deep knowledge and honed skills. However, it is our attitudes that have driven our co-design and co-production practices, tailor-made responses and business success. A leadership team with a unique set of attitudes guides our choices and behaviors to support being proactive, mission-orientated, analytical, inclusive and collaborative. To shape behaviour and influence consumer approaches, responses and interactions, you need three things: knowledge, skills and attitudes. Knowledge and skills can be taught and refined, however attitudes are a lot more difficult to mandate or even encourage. Leaders and staff need to know and understand which attitudes should be the focus of behaviour and decision making ... Read More

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Danuta Palysz

West Australian Association of Polish Women Inc.

We have been helping seniors of Eastern and Southern European origin since 1996 and we are very ... Read More