Wellness/reablement in the home

With the introduction of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme in 2015, Resthaven took the opportunity to review our community services and increase the focus on wellness and reablement. We already had a strong commitment to this approach, with more than 20 years’ experience as a day therapy service provider and supporting older people to self manage chronic conditions. In a planned, action research project, Resthaven reviewed all aspects of our community services in partnership with stakeholders and refined our service model with a sharper focus on wellness, reablement, and keeping older people as independent as possible. Resthaven implemented system enablers (staff education, culture change, consumer support, programs/activities) to achieve the desired end result. We faced and overcame challenges, including the need to change staff culture, and educate/inform consumers. Resthaven evaluated components of the project to demonstrate effectiveness of the revised model. Results included consumers achieving improved levels of independence, and less reliance on services. Resthaven’s innovative project was leadership driven, impacted all community services, and was designed in partnership with our stakeholders. It allowed us to look at all aspects of Resthaven’s service with a wellness and reablement “lens”. Project evaluation demonstrated that this service model is efficient, allowing a greater number of older Australians to access Government ... Read More

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Lynn Openshaw

Resthaven Incorporated

Lynn Openshaw, Manager Service Development with Resthaven, has worked in aged care since 1993, ... Read More