Clinical Governance

This industry leading, health service provider has developed a clinical governance framework referred to as Bush Clinical Governance as it focuses on providing health services for older people in rural, remote and regional Australia. The framework has featured developments in many areas across the organisation’s community programs including; - Reviewed clinical effectiveness structure featuring evidence-based policies and procedures. - Development of tools and protocols to support delivery of clinical services. Including innovative field tools such as zingers and dash board talks. - Encouraging customers to reach their health goals through self-ratings and enabling plan interventions. - Monitoring of clinical compliance and risk through audit, indicators, mortality reviews and trending of critical incidents - Incorporating contemporary ehealth and assistive technologies to promote early intervention in chronic disease management at home using tele-monitoring and activities of daily living (ADL) sensor mapping. - Healthy indigenous meals focusing on nutritional needs for chronic health conditions. - Accountability framework that promotes workforce responsibility through reporting of practice compliance and risks in the field. The framework of governance is synergistic with other operations in the organisation such as learning, development and workforce management which enables the organisation to achieve quality safe services and manage clinical risk. The clinical ... Read More

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Janelle Kelly

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