Memory Wellness

The e-Health enabled Memory Wellness program is built on the latest research and covers all aspects of memory wellness and dementia care. It is a comprehensive program enabling older people to have an e-health enabled clinical assessment and access to a brain health promotion program. This is done via videoconferencing, Telehealth equipment and cognitive testing apps installed to iPads which are supported by a Nurse Practitioner in a Nurse and Allied Health led Pop-up Memory Clinic and course. The program comes to their community, they are not required to travel hundreds of kilometers to a specialist clinic.

The program aims include:
• Improve timely and early diagnosis of dementia
• Improve health literacy about lifestyle modifications that reduce risk, provide motivation and support for behaviour change amongst older persons.

Digital solutions within the service delivery model, such as iPads, fitbits and fit-for-purpose broadband technology has produced positive health, wellness and social outcomes for older community care customers in regional, rural and remote communities.

Customers participate in all phases of program delivery which utilises person centred care and consumer directed care principles to ensure choice in services delivered.
Goal Attainment Scaling as part of the care planning process enables customers to set goals and monitor their achievement. ... Read More

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