Building Palliative Care Capacity

In 2014 the Palliative Care Support team working at Anglicare Sydney commenced a pathway to enhance the skills of registered nurses working in the Anglicare aged care homes
Although a palliative and end of life organisational model of care had been developed. This included a referral and support service to the homes and a comprehensive education program to all levels of staff.
It was evident that without local nursing leadership within each care home (now numbering 20) there would be gaps in staff’s ability to deliver consistent best practice in the palliative approach and end of life care.
The need for which is ever increasing with the escalation in frailty and co morbidities of the residents entering the homes. More than ever this requires RNs who are competent in the delivery of both a palliative approach to care, confident in their response to complex symptom management and passionate in ensuring that the residents in their care died as good a death as possible.
It also answered an organizational demand to attract more registered nurses to aged care offering a career pathway that was an alternative to the usual career advancement in aged care through management.

To address this challenge a Palliative Care pathway for RNs was developed in collaboration with the International Institute of Palliative and Supportive Studies, Flinders University and the PEPA Project a government initiative.
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Christine Lancaster


The project was initiated by the Anglicare Palliative Care Support Team, Chris Lancaster and ... Read More