Restoration in Any Setting

We do not accept decline as a normal part of ageing to be addressed only by supportive and comfort measures. We believe that restorative care is indicated, and appropriate, for any service that provides care and services to older adults. The ultimate goal of our services is to promote dignity, autonomy, independence and quality of life. We support our customers to remain active and mobile and to therefore live life on their own terms. We know that frailty can be reversed. Indeed, decline can be influenced and may be reversible at any age through individual and public policy measures [1] [2] . We therefore look for possibilities for restoration and the building of resilience and wellbeing at every opportunity for every customer .

Our mission is encapsulated in our Healthy Ageing Philosophy:
We believe that individuals, regardless of age can make choices that give hope going forward . To this end:
• We work in partnership with customers to achieve and maintain wellness.
• We acknowledge that active ageing will have positive effects on all
lives – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
• We challenge the traditional views of ageing and understand that adversity will not be the key determinant to life’s journey.
• We build resilience in the individual, as well as the community, so that we can be the authors of our own stories.

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Graham Harding and Leah Watkins

Aged Care & Housing Group Inc

Graham Harding
ACH Group
Head of Customer Practice

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